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"I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone from Yachad for the wonderful work you did on my house. It was a real pleasure working with the staff and volunteers. They were warmhearted toward me and my family and so helpful in every way. I know my home was in real need of repairs but you all met those challenges with zeal and competence... It was a joy and pleasure working with you all together."

- Yachad Recipient, Homeowner from SE, Washington

Who is Yachad?

Yachad is a Washington area nonprofit housing and community development organization funded by private donors, foundations and private grantors. We repair single family homes and work on community and commercial development projects throughout the year. We also have a program in the summer that builds accessibility ramps for people with disabilities. We do this work at no cost to the homeowner.

Why does Yachad do this work?

Yachad is founded in the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam (healing the world) and acts of love and kindness. Jewish tradition teaches that the world is not complete - there is still much to do in each generation to make improvements. It is up to each of us to repair the world. Yachad provides people with the opportunity to engage in meaningful and substantial community service by helping meet the housing needs of lower-income homeowners.

How does Yachad do its work ?

Yachad is supported by private donations from individuals and foundations. We also receive grants from partner organizations to support our projects. Yachad means together and we do all of our work together with our partners. Our partners are our homeowners that receive our services and who work side-by-side with our volunteers as they do the repairs, our volunteers who help us do the hands on work, and our professional contractors who offer us special prices because of our cause.

How can we help you?

Fill out our application requesting services. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but project selection occurs in November and June. There is no harm in applying in between our deadlines, we just ask for your patience in hearing from us.

We provide our services to homeowners that have insufficient resources to pay for repairs themselves. We ask for proof of homeownership and current property tax records.

After we receive your application, the Yachad staff will review your application and may schedule an appointment to inspect your home and determine the scope of work. Further inspections from our construction manager and estimates from skilled workers may occur. After these steps, the price and content of repairs will be evaluated, and accepted homeowners will be notified. The amount of time that the process takes varies depending on the home. Homeowners that are accepted into the program, and a majority of adults living in their household, must attend mandatory, free Homeowners Workshops. These workshops are open to the public, our applicants, and our volunteers, and are held twice a year. Attendees learn tricks of home maintenance, budgeting skills and more. To find out more about these workshops, please email us.

Looking for a Contractor?

We know how difficult it is to find a reliable contractor. Always use contractors who are licensed and bonded professionals. While sometimes more expensive, in the long run they will be the safest option for your home and wallet.

Also, keep in mind, it is illegal for licensed and bonded professionals to go door to door soliciting work. If you have someone visit your house uninvited offering you a free estimate on home improvement work, do not accept the offer. This is not legal and usually leads to homeowners paying for bad work.

Also, please note that dependable contractors will never ask for full payment before work is started. If the contractor you are using is requesting this, you should be suspicious of his or her intentions. Common practice is a down payment (generally half of the estimate) before the work begins and then completion of payment after the work is completed and the homeowner is satisfied.

Homeowners Workshops

Whether you are our client or not, you are welcome to attend our free workshops offered throughout the year. We will give you tips and tools to maintain and improve your home, teach you how to do small DIY jobs, and teach you how to prepare your house for each season.


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