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The JBG Companies Gives Back in a Big Way

Friday, April 26th, 2013

The JBG Companies is working with Yachad through the Neighbor to Neighbor Program. They have generously agreed to sponsor a family’s home in Benning Heights, DC. Not only are they financially sponsoring the repairs in the home, including roof and electrical rehab, painting, carpentry and accessibility renovations, a group of their committed volunteers came together on Wednesday to do some of the work themselves.

Together with the homeowners, they worked to make the house a home again.

It was a fantastic day for everyone. One of the volunteers wrote this to Yachad the day after the project.

“I really enjoyed the experience. Robin did a great job organizing everyone such that we were all working the entire time, and thus able to complete so much work. This is the first volunteer event I have been to that has been so well run, and one where I could see and know that I was actually aiding in making a tangible difference. Thanks for the opportunity.”

Volunteers from The JBG Companies will return to the home on May 10th to finish the work they started.

If you or your company would like to do something like this, please contact