“Sometimes it’s hard to give my hard earned money to non-profit organizations because I never see where the money goes. Giving to Yachad allows me to see where my money has gone and I can even work on the house with the supplies that I helped to buy! It’s very grass roots.”

– Yachad Donor

Your donations pay for materials and labor for our projects. These repairs allow families to remain in housing they can afford, in neighborhoods where they have established roots and community ties.

Yachad’s programs rely heavily on volunteers and construction professionals who generously donate their time, labor, and materials to our projects. This generosity is simply not enough to get all the work done, especially when extensive electrical and plumbing work is required or when damage to a home is extensive.

Please consider sharing a portion of your birthday, anniversary or b’nai mitzvah gifts. Or celebrate a home renovation or the purchase of a new home by making a donation to Yachad and knowing that you have helped an underserved family maintain their home.

Here are some examples of what your donations can do

  • $5,000 repairs an entire home.
  • $2,500 repairs a home’s roof.
  • $1,000 repairs a home’s plumbing.
  • $500 paints a home.
  • $250 buys a home a new stove.
  • $100 purchases a new door for a home.
  • $75 purchases a new insulated window for a home.
  • $50 purchases paint for a room.
  • $25 buys paint brushes and drop cloths.

Your family or business can be certain that your funds will be put to good use. Yachad will combine your generous donation with other donations and donated and discounted services to assist a family in need.

To donate, please send a check payable to Yachad to:
8720 Georgia Avenue Suite 705
Silver Spring, MD 20910

or donate directly online. For more information, e-mail info@yachad-dc.org.

Used Appliances?

Thank you for thinking of us but at this time we are unable to take used home appliances (stove, refrigerators, microwaves, etc). Please consider donating them to our partner Community Forklift.