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“Thank you for answering my prayers…”

Lavinia grew up in Prince George’s County and shares her home with her teenage granddaughter and 10-year-old grandson. Lavinia got sick and fell on hard times. Three years ago, she lost her job making it impossible to afford the repairs needed to make her home livable. Her response after she learned that she was accepted into Yachad’s Single Family Home Repair Program: “Thank you for answering my prayers.”

“The plumbing was a nightmare.” Her only toilet would constantly overflow, ruining the carpet, sending water into the hallway near the bedrooms, and worst of all, leaking water into the kitchen below. Not only would the house smell, but water was collecting and pooling in the kitchen ceiling, damaging the drywall.

“I would wake up in the middle of the night scared, wondering how much water was in the ceiling.”

Plus, their kitchen sink backed up, appliances didn’t work, and they had a problem with roaches and mice.

Then, during the beginning of the pandemic, the stair railing fell off making life more difficult for the homeowner who suffers from vertigo. Without a handrail, she was forced at times to crawl up and down the stairs for a fear of falling.

Yachad was able to fix all the plumbing issues and send an exterminator to the home to address the pest problems. With community partners M & M Appliance and general contractor Frank Zappala, we were also able to repair the handrail and provide new kitchen appliances.

“I’m relieved that I don’t have to worry about the toilet anymore. No more wet drywall, no more stink and the sink isn’t backing up anymore. Yachad’s program was a lifesaver for my family. We couldn’t have afforded any of the work…Words really can’t express the way I feel.”

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Special thank you to M &M Appliance and Frank Zappala of Let Frank Do it.

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