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The training was full of information that I needed and will use. I can’t wait to start working on projects/problems as they occur as opposed to waiting until I save up and hire someone from outside to do the job. The demonstrations and hands on material were also eye-opening. Thanks so much.
Charlene, Yachad Homeowner

This weekend Yachad’s Construction Director, Robin Renner, led a DIY Home Repair workshop for our spring homeowners. She shared easy and inexpensive solutions for addressing common household repairs and maintenance. Topics ranged from how to use a caulk gun to providing examples of weatherstripping products to advice on unclogging drains.

photo credit: Ray Alvareztorres

Thirteen homeowners—all women—soon found themselves leaning over pieces of drywall getting the hang of fixing holes using spackle and a putty knife. “Making the session hands-on is important,” says Robin— “It is a chance for our clients, who are predominantly older women, to see that they don’t have to be intimidated by minor home repairs.”  Lana, one of our participants, said “I learned so many tips that I can use to keep my home safe. The hands-on task of repairing small holes in the drywall was good…having the right tools and the knowledge to try was powerful.”

A key approach to overcoming unease about home maintenance is to simply understand how your house works. For this reason, Robin carefully reviewed how toilets, sinks, and electrical outlets work. There was even a chance to examine the inside of an electrical outlet and a ceiling light fixture, which were passed around, plus the underside of a sink drain.

As the workshop came to an end, Robin stressed the importance of three things:

  • Keep your house sealed up: This will prevent bug/pests and pollution from coming in and prevent hot/cold air from leaking in or out.
  • Keep your house clean.
  • Keep your house dry: Fix plumbing leaks and mop up water promptly.

The homeowners left the workshop with special Yachad swag, really cool drain cleaning tools and heavy-duty kitchen cleansers, but more importantly, they left with increased knowledge and self-confidence.

Thank you to the Howard Stanfield Memorial Fund for the generous support of our homeowner workshops. And, a special thank you to THEARC and Building Bridges Across the River for hosting our program.

photo credit: Ray Alvareztorres

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