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Ramp It Up! 2018 Reflection

Yachad’s Ramp It Up! summer program offers high school students an opportunity to build a wheelchair ramp for a local family. One of the students reflects on his experience.

By Isaac, Ramp It Up! 2018 participant

The first day of camp we all arrived and introduced ourselves, we also discussed what we were going to start doing and the overall plan. The first day was the hardest because we started by drilling into concrete, and it was also difficult to get used to the flow of building. It was hard to start meeting new people. At the end of the day, I made lots of new friends and was very
exhausted. At first, It was hard to visualize the ramp because after two days of work all we had where a bunch of posts sticking out of the ground.

The hardest part of the building process was putting in the posts since we didn’t know how to put the metal rods in and hammering nails into a post inside a small hole is very hard. The day we started to get the first deck put in it started to rain which cut our work early. The next day all the mounds of dirt where turned into mud and the holes were full of water. After that, I
always came home covered in mud. Although it was very dirty it was a lot of fun and we accepted the dirt and continued with our jobs.

Every day I came home exhausted and dirty, but I had a sense of accomplishment and eagerness to go back the next day. After the first deck was finished it was a lot easier to visualize what we were doing and soon we had the first ramp finished and decked. Next, we put up post for a railing but to tighten the post we needed to get underneath the ramp. Underneath the ramp, there was a lot of mud and sawdust. Although it was hard, when we finished I felt very accomplished and proud. It was also nice to have other people who were just as tired as you were working with you.

I had a great time at Yachad and made lots of new friends, and although the work was hard, it was very rewarding.  I learned a lot of valuable skills about building, and I was informed about disabilities and housing costs. Overall I really enjoyed my time during Yachad and I had lots of fun.

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