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Ramp It Up! 2017 Reflections

By Max, Ramp It Up! Session 1 Reflections

Yachad’s Ramp It Up! summer program offers high school students an opportunity to build a wheelchair ramp. In June 2017 students helped the Evans family, who has had a string of bad luck: one family member lost a leg last year in an accident requiring him to use a wheelchair, plus a devastating fire by an arsonist damaged their house 6 years ago. In addition to building the ramp, Yachad is repairing the inside of the home to help the family get back on their feet.

I felt really good that through a program like Yachad I could help Mr. Evans and his nephew, two people that really and genuinely needed help. The first day I got to Mr. Evans’s house, the front lawn (where we were building the ramp) was green and grassy. Not for long. The week where I was working was the week where we dug footings for ramp posts. We tore up the lawn and began digging 26 footings. It was difficult work and we had to work efficiently, for we had to get the holes approved by an inspector on Thursday. After we got approved we had to pour concrete, and that was messy business. We finished on Friday by placing posts, and prepping the site for the next group.

The whole experience taught me in many different aspects. I learned how to work hard physically, and I also learned how to work as a team to reach a common goal. Each person had their part, and we couldn’t have finished if one person wasn’t there. I also learned the importance of helping people who really need it. There is a big difference from helping someone who doesn’t need it and helping those who need it. Mr. Evans needed the help and the reason helping him was important is because with our help, he could get his life back to the way it was before the incidents. Mr. Evans was in a situation to need this kind of help and he didn’t do anything that got him in this situation. Spending a week this summer helping people truly deserving of the help made me feel good because I was doing something that was actually changing people’s lives for the better. I could have spent the time helping at a local day camp but those kids really don’t need my help. I also learned about the necessity of affordable livable housing in under served communities. Not only should this housing be affordable but it also has to be livable — the conditions should be good and communities should support the people who live there.

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