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by Ellis

I spent two weeks helping renovate Mr. Fludd’s house to the point where he could, for the first time ever, consistently use the main part of his house. The experience was really incredible because, to me, the work feels so much more worthwhile when I can see the face of the person I’m helping and see the progression of our work. Seeing the transformation of the house has been one of the most rewarding parts of the process. I was able to see what challenges he would face entering his house and why those challenges meant he had only entered the second floor one time.

The physical change that I witnessed over two weeks is also representative of the new bonds that Mr. Fludd and his family can share, as well as a sense of hope that, in some sense, has been injected into their lives. We often saw Mr. Fludd watching our progress, especially as we neared the end of the project, and it was inspiring to see him, not only because it meant that he really cared, but also because we got to see why we were doing the work. To be able to recall what the house had looked like merely two weeks before gave me a lot of pride in the work that all of us put in.

I learned many new skills and came out with a much better idea of what it meant to be on a worksite which made it a great growing experience for myself in a much more immediate way. It’s difficult to measure the impact a people have on each other’s lives, and I feel as though even in this case where we can measure the changes we made, impact is incalculable. And that doesn’t only apply to our influence on Mr. Fludd and his family for, quite possibly, the rest of his life. Mr. Fludd also impacted every person who was on the site over those two weeks, as working with people that need help helps visualize issues and makes their afflictions more obviously problematic. I took a lot away from helping Mr. Fludd shift toward a different lifestyle and am grateful for the experience.

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