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Wisdom from 2016 Ramp It Up Week 1

by Natalie, Week 1 Ramper

Ramp camp was a great experience for me, where I really learned a lot. I learned a lot about construction and demolition, but also about disabilities and money. While there were many challenges that I went through during the process, overall it was fun to learn. For example, before we were able to start building the lift we had to demolish the concrete stairs that were in place. This process took us most of the time that we spent working. This was a very hard and stressful task. We were struggling to break the stairs and had to go through many different machines and techniques until we found the best one. Many of the tools that we used for the demolition were very big and dangerous. I was encouraged to try each machine no matter how scared I was. At the end of the day I felt very accomplished and proud that I pushed myself to do things that were not within my comfort zone.

After the week of camp I felt very good about myself and what I had done for the past week.  Before the week of camp I thought I would just be building a lift and doing the construction work. After the week I came out knowing so much more about poverty and the way other people live, and it made me realize that I should think about other people and not take what I have for granted. Every day we had different activities during our break from working. These activities were very educational and I felt that we learned a lot from each one of them. One of the activities that I got the most out of was one where we were asked questions and if they were true we would take a step forward, and then we would play the role of a different person. When I played myself I ended up on the other side of the field but when I was out in the shoes of someone else I didn’t go very far. This showed me how privileged I was compared to other people and opened my eyes to other parts of the world and other people who are less fortunate.

This was only one of the many activities that we had that I gained a lot from. This experience and the things that I learned about was something that I had not been exposed to before and it opened by eyes to the way other people are living. The man that we were building the ramp for came out of his house a few times a day to check on us and it made me feel so good to see him smiling and showing his appreciation for what we were doing for him. This camp gave me chances to experience things that I hadn’t before and taught me so much and I am so glad that I was able to have this experience.

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