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Thoughts on Kedoshim

Parashat Kedoshim is all about the rules of living. Elana Jagoda goes over all of them here in her G-dcast song. The rules cover a host of different topics, but many of them have to do with how we treat our neighbors and the neediest in society. Additionally, this week we get the famous line, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

This leads me to wonder what the rules of our society are today? Most people believe that no one should be homeless and that everyone should have fair housing, but the systems we have set up don’t allow this to be the case. What would we, as Americans, have to do and have to give up to make our society in line with our values? What would it look like if we loved our neighbors by ensuring everyone had a safe place to call home, food, health insurance, etc? And how long would this take?

In the mean time, we have non-profits like Yachad that work to create supports for those in need in our society. As Yachad approaches the completion of this year’s Spring projects, it reminds us of the lessons learned in this week’s portion, Kedoshim. Seeing the connections made between volunteers and homeowners over an afternoon of cleaning and painting makes this Torah portion come alive in today’s world. May we all be blessed to have homes to return to every evening.

Shabbat Shalom

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