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Sukkot in Spring Meets Pesach in April

a note from Audrey Lyon, our Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Yachad, I have had the privilege over the past several Sundays to see Yachad’s mission in action. Volunteers of all ages mobilized throughout DC neighborhoods and did a tremendous amount of work to insure that family homes are made safe and functional once again. In many of these neighborhoods, our work guarantees that long-standing residents are able to withstand real estate development pressures and can continue living in their family homes for years to come. To make sure this happens, we repair dangerous and hazardous conditions such as leaky roofs, failing electrical and plumbing and give lots of TLC.

As we prepare our homes for the Pesach festival, there is a Jewish custom to give tzedakah before beginning the seder. There is a moment when we open our doors and invite others in. When we begin to retell the Exodus story, we say, “All who are hungry come and eat.” There is a beautiful message here: we were once slaves; poor and hungry, and we remember our redemption by sharing what we have with others.

This year, I invite you to consider making a 100% charitable gift to Yachad to see that even more families can share their holiday meals, from any faith tradition, in a safe and habitable home. More than ever, your continued financial support and partnership is an example of the very real impact donors make every day.

From our Yachad family to yours,
Chag Sameach

Audrey Lyon
Executive Director

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