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Shanah Tova 5776

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

From Audrey Lyon, Yachad Executive Director

After Rosh Hashanah services, I did some informal polling of both congregants and clergy from different synagogues and found that many sermons delivered during this season of repentance focused on the issue of racial justice in our country—the lack of it, the struggle to define it, efforts to seek and work toward it .

Racial justice is a serious and real issue, with many calls for action in the Jewish and greater communities. A call for action is important, but our attempts to grasp at what can be done are often confusing and unclear.

I have good news for you and your involvement with Yachad. This organization’s creation has always been premised on creating opportunities to make a tangible difference in the immediate lives of people with whom we work. We bring communities together, by working side-by-side with low-income homeowners, churches, synagogues, nonprofit partners, and hundreds of volunteers. We are sharing our resources, expertise and labor to create a better place for many in need to call home.

For the past twenty-plus years, my mantra has been that it all starts “AT HOME.” Without a safe place to eat, sleep, relax, study and celebrate, it’s that much harder to go out each day and function well in the world. We all need a foundation from which to start.

Yachad works hard to make that happen each year for as many people and families as possible. All of us at Yachad —you, board members, advisory council members, volunteers, donors and staff — we are doing the work to bring about greater racial justice in our country. Our greatest challenge is WE NEED TO DO MORE. With your help, our fabulous supporters, we will make sure that 5776 accomplishes even more than ever.

Shana Tova to everyone and a sweet new year in 5776.