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Handymensches in the Kitchen and Klein Hornig’s in the House!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Photo Courtesy of Sue Dorfman

Yachad volunteers have been busy cooking up some great repairs, including a transformation of the Mahmoud kitchen. These volunteers were Yachad’s first participants in our new “Handymensch” program, which recruits semi-skilled volunteers to tackle repair projects under a skilled supervisor. The volunteers at the Mahmoud house did just that, installing new kitchen cabinets and adding shelving for extra storage. Ms. Mahmoud was thrilled about the renovated and newly functioning kitchen, which includes a new oven to replace the hot plate she had been using, and she will be eagerly moving her pots, pans, and other cooking supplies from the basement into her new cabinets.

Photo Courtesy of Sue Dorfman

For more information about becoming a Handymensch, e-mail Robin, Yachad’s Construction Manager, at

On Thursday, Yachad Board President Dan Ehrenberg and Klein Hornig, LLP were hard at work at the Nichols home. Ms. Michelle Nichols lives in the home with her sister, Josephine, and her granddaughter often visits the home. When the rent in Northwest DC was steadily increasing, Ms. Nichols purchased her home through the help of DC’s Home Purchase Assistance Program, which helps first-time homebuyers to buy a home. Ms. Nichols has lived in the home for thirteen years, and over time there have been serious repair needs that she was unable to address on her own.

Through the generous financial sponsorship of Dan Ehrenberg, Ms. Nichols’ roof, electrical and plumbing will all be repaired. With the help of the hard working volunteers of Klein Hornig, numerous less skilled repairs were accomplished as well as a major interior paint job. A big thank you to Klein Hornig and Dan Ehrenberg for their partnership in making the Nichols house feel more like home!