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First Homeowner Education Workshop of 2014 a Big Success!

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Sunday, January 5th was the first Homeowner Education Workshop of 2014, and it was a huge success! Fourteen homeowners and family members braved the wet, wintry weather to begin the process of better household management from clutter control and personal budgeting.

Kendra Rubinfeld, our former Director of Programs, returned to lead a dynamic workshop on clutter control. Kendra shared before and after photos of her personal clutter transformation, and presented effective strategies that made her home’s transformation possible. Homeowners learned that rather than letting clutter control them, they have the power to control their clutter. When talking about the intense sentimental value of objects, Kendra said, “That’s too much power for a thing” and encouraged homeowners to prioritize which items they ultimately save.

Roxanne Littner, a Yachad board member, talked with homeowners about budgeting and saving. She called her portion of the class “Youniversity,” and discussed how saving money at the start of each month gives the money back to “You.” Roxanne also shared how saving money for oneself and one’s children is extraordinarily important, as she explained, “A better legacy than money is the legacy of learning how to use money.” In saving money, money can become a tool to “create” and “build something, rather than destroy something.”

The workshop was a wonderful opportunity for homeowners to meet one another and meet Yachad staff members, and gain new skills that will be of assistance long after Yachad repairs have been completed. Thanks to Jayme Epstein and Academy of Hope for allowing us to use their beautiful classroom space.

The next two Homeowner Education Workshops will be held in February, and will cover topics such as utilizing community resources, making detailed budgets and financial plans, and learning “do it yourself” home maintenance skills.