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Young Pros Fall for Repair Work at the Yachad United Fall Repair Project

Yachad’s young professionals came together on Sunday to put finishing touches on the Hickmans’ home in Southwest DC. Yachad has had an ongoing partnership with the Hickmans, and you may remember their family’s story. Yachad Uniters had a great time finishing up painting and repairs and seeing the beautiful, transformed home that the Hickman house has become. Volunteers worked side-by-side with members of the Hickman family to complete the repairs. The Hickmans’ nephews, who also joined in on the work and are avid engineering students, were extremely excited to talk to a volunteer that works at NASA. Much learning and fun were had by all.

Thanks to Yachad United for another successful project and to the Hickmans for welcoming us into their home.

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