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Yachad Volunteers Join Day of Service on MLK Day

About 25 individual volunteers returned to the U Street affordable cooperative on Sunday in honor of the MLK Day of Service through Yachad’s We the People Federal Holiday program. The volunteers worked very hard and were able to complete the painting needed in the common space. A special thanks to all the volunteers who spent their Sunday working to serve their community.

Claire Christian
Alli Schultz
Kamile Kay
Erin Talkington
Gregory Matlesky
Taylor B.
Jeanne Paradis
Mary Graham
Lizzy Guarin
Laura Abernathy
Reilly Thomson
Daniel Kornfield
Alpha Lillstrom
Sarah Levy
Judy Payne
Jenny Payne
Arlene Amodeo
Reed Sandridge
Elana Alschuler
Liz Anderson
Justin Stefanon
Veronica Echave
Nguyen Nguyen
Lily Israel
John Barnes
Carla Kirkland

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