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Ramper and Recipient Tip Their Hat

Michael Greenberg, a rising senior at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, participated in both weeks of our most recent Ramp It Up! session. Throughout the two weeks, Michael developed a close relationship with the homeowner, Mr. Portillo. The summer weather reached a record high with 95 degrees and 94% humidity on Wednesday of the second week. Nonetheless, the ramp team huffed and puffed as they focused on drilling and sawing. But there were limited breaks as they had to the get the ramp finished by that Friday.

Mr. Portillo came outside that day to give Michael a cowboy hat. He saw Michael’s impending sunburn and wanted to help out however he could.

Michael sports his new hat on the work site

On the last day of ramp camp, Michael arrived to the site with a hat from his school’s baseball team and gave it to Herson to return the favor.

Herson wearing his new JDS hat at the pizza party

The entire team was so proud of how Michael developed a strong relationship with the homeowners. Keep up the good work, Michael!

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