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And The 2013 Ramp It Up! Essay Winner Is….

…Sophia Meister! Sophia will be entering 10th grade at Wootton High School and has been an active member of her school’s stage crew. Keep up the good work and we hope to see you next summer!!

Sophia and Ari hard at work

Check out Sophia’s essay below:

I went to Ramp it Up! because my mom found an article about it in the Post. I am on stage crew for Wootton, so I enjoy building, and this was a chance for me to build a ramp. I told my mom that sure, I would go. I am glad I did. I learned a lot from the one week I was there. I built a ramp for a 20-year-old named Herson Portillo so his parents could stop carrying him down steps. I impacted the Portillo’s life by making their house easily accessible for everyone. This has really opened my eyes to how much the ramp will affect the family. This experience really opened up my eyes to a problem in our society, especially since there are so many families that have children with disabilities. Why we have not done something like this sooner?

Ramp it Up! has really showed me what it is like for families who do not have ramps but could use them (Mr. Portillo took Herson out one day and had to carry him down the stairs). Going to Ramp it Up! has really changed the way I look at the world and how much we should do. There are more things we can do besides building ramps, like donating food for the hungry and donating money so more people can stop living on the streets. It has made me realize how much these families need ramps to make their lives that much easier. People do not realize this issue is very important because there are so many other issues that also need to be dealing with. Ramp it Up! addresses the issue for those who sign up, and it is good that they are making themselves known because more people should become familiar with this problem. I would love to help out in any way that I can, whether it is build another ramp or help any other group of people in need. I know that this problem can be solved one ramp at a time. I have also learned a little bit about myself from this experience. I have learned that when you meet people with a common goal, anything can be done. I enjoy helping families by making their lives easier. I can do whatever I like if I put my mind to it, and if I do just that, I can help millions of people. I can help families across the country with hunger issues or home issues. I can do that if I take one step at a time, using my experience with Ramp it Up!, I can use my skills and knowledge to do something great with the world. I will support ramp building because I have seen firsthand of what it can do for a family in need of one. I will assist in every way that I can to help families get what they need.

Sophia will be receiving a gift card to Ace Hardware for writing the winning essay. Click here to read more about this summer’s ramp.

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