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A Real (Bat) Mitzvah

Selah Bickel wanted to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah with her friends and family, but she also wanted to do a real mitzvah. That’s where Yachad came in. Her family sponsored a Yachad Mitzvah Party and was able to invite all of her friends and family to roll their sleeves up and repair the home of the Robinson family. Mrs. Robinson is a widow, a single mom, and a very strong woman. She cares for her two children and one grandchild in their small ranch home in Prince George‚Äôs County. Her younger daughter, Jazzmine, is a wonderful girl with Cerebral Palsy. She demands a lot of assistance from her family.

Selah and her friends and family spent time doing repairs to the accessibility ramp (Yachad had installed in 2007 through their Ramp it Up! program), painting, installing a clothes washer (Mrs. Robinson had to go to the laundry mat because her washer had broken earlier this year), and more.

A very special thanks to The Bickel/Adler family, their wonderful friends and family and Community Forklift (for the washing machine donation).

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