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Remarks from a Yachad Homeowner

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Chrystal Jones and her family partnered with Yachad this past year, and she shared her story with us at the 2013 Community Builders Bash. Here are her remarks on how Yachad transformed her home and the lives of her family members. We hope to form many new Yachad partnerships in 2014 that will be just as transformative for the homeowners, volunteers, skilled workers, communities, and everyone else involved in the work we do.

I believe that God uses ordinary people to show his Grace and Mercy. He used Yachad to engage me in a life changing experience that significantly improved the quality of life for my family, empowered me personally, and provided an avenue to establish some life-long relationships.

My husband, who is disabled, was literally trapped in our home. He had not been able to take a shower in two years. His living area was a back porch that had been renovated to give him a sleeping area. It was very hot in the summer and extremely cold during the winter. The only way to bathe him was from the kitchen sink. It was a struggle to keep the area sanitary. Because of Yachad, he now he has a lower-level apartment with a walk-in shower, and an outside door accessible for a wheelchair.

Working with Yachad volunteers, my children and I helped to build this very special place for him. Seeing my 11 year-old daughter knocking down walls with other volunteers was phenomenal. My son had an opportunity to work with and be mentored by men of character and purpose. My children will always remember that they helped make that space a reality for their father.