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Thanks from Marie Reed Elementary

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Thanks from Marie Reed Elementary

Students and staff from Marie Reed Elementary School were extremely appreciative of and inspired by the work done by Yachad volunteers from Georgetown Day School and Yachad United. Check out these photos of them enjoying their new environment, as well as the thank you notes from the students and  staff. Thanks to everyone who made this project possible!

Thank You Notes from Students

Thank You Letter from Marie Reed

Top 10 Moments from 5773

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Year in Review

The Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur mark the transition from the previous year to the new Jewish year.

Before we say goodbye to the Jewish year 5773, we thought we would send it off in style with the


10. Volunteers came together at a co-op near 14th Street, NW to help low-income residents maintain their building amidst development pressures in the neighborhood.

9. NOVA Tribe and Jnet volunteers came together with Yachad and Homestretch of Northern Virginia.

8. Yachad’s Our City Film Festival rocked it as part of the INTERSECTIONS Festival at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

7. Synagogues from all over the DC, MD and VA area participated in Sukkot in Spring, transforming homes and families.

6. Yachad United, Yachad’s young professional group, acted like kids and raised money for a great cause for Yachad’s Grown-Up Field Day.

5. Yachad welcomed new Faith to Faith partners, Zion Baptist Church and Majid Muhammad Mosque.

4. Yachad introduced their Neighbor to Neighbor Initiative and had an overwhelming response from JBG Companies, Washington Fine Properties, Forest City Enterprises, Bernstein Management Corporation, and many more.

3. Teenagers gave back to other teenagers. Whether it was Georgetown Day School, CES Jewish Day School, bat mitzvah girl, Selah Bickel, or Ramp it Up! teens saving the day, adolescents certainly made an impact with Yachad.

2. Interns come to our rescue! This year we had three amazing interns including Michael Abrams, Isabel Nathan and Dina Goodman.

1. Yachad’s Homeowner Education Workshop (sponsored in large part by the Howard Stanfield Memorial Fund) was a great success. Adding 9 hours of in-class instruction, mandatory curriculum and a private meeting with a Certified Financial Planner, all of our partnering homeowners were empowered with the knowledge and resources to keep up the repairs on their home.

Join our young professionals, Yachad United, for a fall repair project. Click here to sign up today!

A Real (Bat) Mitzvah

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Selah Bickel wanted to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah with her friends and family, but she also wanted to do a real mitzvah. That’s where Yachad came in. Her family sponsored a Yachad Mitzvah Party and was able to invite all of her friends and family to roll their sleeves up and repair the home of the Robinson family. Mrs. Robinson is a widow, a single mom, and a very strong woman. She cares for her two children and one grandchild in their small ranch home in Prince George’s County. Her younger daughter, Jazzmine, is a wonderful girl with Cerebral Palsy. She demands a lot of assistance from her family.

Selah and her friends and family spent time doing repairs to the accessibility ramp (Yachad had installed in 2007 through their Ramp it Up! program), painting, installing a clothes washer (Mrs. Robinson had to go to the laundry mat because her washer had broken earlier this year), and more.

A very special thanks to The Bickel/Adler family, their wonderful friends and family and Community Forklift (for the washing machine donation).