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Yachad Volunteers & Residents Work Together to Repair Teen Crisis Center

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Note Left For Resident Teens

Sixteen volunteers chose to spend their day off on President’s Day repairing a crisis center in Anacostia through Yachad’s We the People Federal Holiday program. Several resident teens worked alongside Yachad volunteers. All of the volunteers, Yachad and residents, worked hard, doing everything from painting the hall and community room to assembling shelves for the pantry to reorganizing the donated clothes and other items. They even finished the day by cleaning the center. Thanks so much to our volunteers for making this center more of a home for those who need it, and thanks to Adas Israel, which helped sponsor the event and provided volunteers.

• Jeffrey Adler

• Michael Fine

• Noa Gelb

• Steve Goetz

• Marisa Goldstein

• Elijah Harris

• Courtney Heldman

• Shannon Hirsh

• Susan Jaffe

• Linda Kacser

• Unique McMillian

• David Siegel

• Michael Siegel

• Darvel Suggs

• Stephanie Swern

• Marcia Weinberg