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Win for the Nats and Yachad United!

Last Thursday, Yachad took 30 young professionals out to the ballgame to watch the Nats win from a gorgeous Party Suite.  As part of Yachad United, Yachad’s new network for young professionals looking to do more than happy hours, we organized a mini-fundraiser for our next repair project which will take place on Sunday, November 18th.

This mini-fundraiser, which brought in nearly 1000 dollars, was possible only thanks to the generosity and dedication of the Washington Nationals.  Drinks were generously donated by Stella Artois.

To find out more about Yachad United and future get-togethers, click here.

Special thanks to: Marla Tanenbaum, Jonathan Stahl, Franz Shelko, Melissa Smith, and Brian Rightnour.

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