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Mollie Milchberg’s Mitzvah Party

To celebrate Mollie’s Bat Mitzvah, the Milchberg Family will be hosting a Mitzvah Party with Yachad. Mollie’s friends and family will join her in helping to rehabilitate the offices of a community-focused nonprofit in the Brightwood neighborhood of Northwest Washington, DC.  The nonprofit is called Emory Beacon of Light (EBOL) and their mission seeks to bring self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life to a diverse multicultural and often low-income community in the Georgia Avenue Corridor.   Yachad and EBOL have a long and wonderful partnership that includes such projects as rehabbing the storefronts on the 6100 block of Georgia Avenue, rehabbing a transitional housing center run by EBOL, and helping make plans for a large community center.

On Sunday, October 14th, Mollie and her friends and family will help renovate a house owned by EBOL and turn it into office space.  Currently EBOL has been renting office space around the corner from this house, but wants to put more of their funding toward their programming rather than their overhead, so they have decided to move their offices into this home that they own (and until recently have been using for housing certain community members).

The volunteer group will paint and do other small handyman repairs, all supervised by Yachad’s Construction Manager.  These efforts will be an important part of a large building renovation including drywall, carpentry, electric, and carpentry repairs all done by both professionals and  two other volunteer groups also working on the space in October.

More details on timing, location and how to sign up will be posted here soon.

To find out more about Yachad, please browse through the website.

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If you would like to make a donation to Yachad in Mollie’s honor, please click here or send a check to Yachad at 1666 Connecticut Ave, NW, Ste. 500, Washington, DC 20009.  Both on the check or when processing your credit card, you can note Mollie’s name.  We will be sure to notify the family of your generosity.   Thank you so much.


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  1. Roberta, Sam and Max Kramer says:

    Mazel Tov! Sorry we can’t be with you this weekend. We know you will do a great job.

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