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Zoe’s Mitzvah Party-A Huge Success!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

On March 25th, Zoe and her family and friends gathered at Rachael’s Women’s Center in Northwest Washington, to celebrate Zoe’s Bat Mitzvah the best way they knew how…with a mitzvah! Yachad worked with Zoe and her family to organize a very successful Mitzvah Party. (View the blog post that we put up during the planning stages) The group of nearly 40 volunteers painted, repaired, and hammered their way through the three story row house that serves as a day shelter for homeless men and women in DC. It was a huge success and at the end of the day, the Program Director wrote to say,

The work looks great! Thank you all for doing such a good job! The women have noticed the improvements and like them a lot! Thank you Yachad and your volunteers!

Yachad will continue their work with the center to complete the long scope of work we agreed to do late last year. With the efforts and generosity of Zoe and her friends and family, we are one huge step closer to completing the project.

Enjoy photos from the day here and on our Facebook page.

If you would like to host a Mitzvah Party of your own for any occasion, find out more here.

Good Deeds Day was All Good

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Yachad served as a site for the Jewish Federation’s Good Deeds Day this past Sunday.  About ten volunteers gathered at the home of a local family in the Northeast DC, Trinidad neighborhood to help the family’s home from flooding.  Yachad had just finished organizing professional contractors to rebuild the foundation of the home, which had collapsed after years of water intrusion (see picture).

Collapsed foundation of house

With the remaining bricks and dirt from the completed job, the volunteers formed a water retaining wall to keep the water at bay (see picture).

Retaining wall formed by volunteers

A very special thanks to Ron Zellar, Ari Dallas and Lexi Bock-Robbins for their project management.  Thank you also to all of the volunteers-Steven, Ari, Rachel, Jeff and Shana!

Group of volunteers